Wednesday, 19 August 2015


1. ‘Corbyn is on the ballot for the Labour leadership election: but he’ll never win’
2. ‘Corbyn is doing well in the Labour leadership election: why he definitely still won’t win’
3. ‘Corbyn is doing better than we thought: but voting for him would be childish and wrong’
4. ‘Corbyn has a massive lead in the polls: they must be wrong’
5. Michael White: 'Corbyn would return Labour to the 80s’
6. Martin Kettle: 'Corbyn would return Labour to the 80s’
7. Polly Toynbee: 'Corbyn would return Labour to the 80s’
8. Tony Blair: '[jazz hands]’
9. Peter Mandelson: 'Corbyn would return Labour to the 80s’
10. ‘0.01% of new Labour supporters once voted Green: cancel the leadership contest’
11. ‘Editorial: Please please please don’t vote for Jeremy Corbyn’
12. ‘Editorial: Vote for … Yvette Cooper?’
13. ‘Do you think if we relegate coverage of the leadership election to lower down
the page that will make people forget to vote for Corbyn?’
14. ‘Shit, still not working: so how the hell are we going to cover this political development that seems to, like, mean something to people?’
15. ‘Jeremy Corbyn’s style evolution’