Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I think this will be an unmitigated disaster. But I'm moved to the marrow of my bones, nevertheless.

What does it feel like to support the newspaper that supported Adolf Hitler? That supports the banker cabalists that are ruining the world?


Anonymous said...

Never understood the adulation this band has received over the years. A couple of songs are nice enough I suppose, but to my ears totally mediocre. I kind of partly hold them resonsible for britpop and laddism. Just go on about how great you are 24/7 and people will be gullible enough to agree with you.

"Idiot groups with no shape or form
Out of their heads on a quid of blow
The shapeless kecks* flapping on the storm
Look at what they are: a pack of worms"

Alex Niven said...

Yeah I mean they undoubtedly were partly responsible for laddism and britpop, but then lots of influences fed into that - like, say, The Beatles, punk, football - and not all of these things are easily dismissable. The Stone Roses were a pretty political proposition, largely because of Ian Brown, in a way that would recede in the mainstream of British indie in nineties and die in the noughties. And I can't agree about the music being mediocre: there's plenty of middling jangle pop in the canon but the best stuff (Fools Gold, Waterfall, I am the Resurrection) is utterly unique.


there's nothing laddish about the stone roses as people

(or indeed as performers - they were never rowdy or boorish onstage)

as individuals they are all really intelligent, well and widely read

in interviews they've always spoken about politics, history, the Kinder trespasss i think it's called when masses of people walked across a private estate, crimes of the british empire etc

way more in common with manic street preachers than they do with Oasis