Tuesday, 2 February 2010


There are many noteworthy things about this.

1) It has one of those nasty American football-style/animalistic/'I will rape you imminently'/neo-Salt'n'Pepa/Fatman Scoop/Pussycat Dolls-esque 'rapped' verses:

Nice legs! Daisy dukes!*
Makes a man go: [wolf whistle]
That's the way they all come through like: [wolf whistle x2]
Low cut, see through,
Shirts that make you: [w. whistle]
That's the way she come thru like: [w.w. x2], etc

*US colloq. 'breasts'

2) This is matched by an equally mean-spirited - I suppose in some ways post-feminist - rejoinder from Katy Perry:

I just set them up to knock them down ...
L.O.V.E. is just another word I've never learned to pronounce ...
How do I say I'm sorry cos the word is never gonna come out? etc.

3) As if to underline the overarching (heavily sexualised) dog-eat-dog theme, the video features a number of very aggressive looking soft-porn models running in slow motion towards the camera. 

4) Amongst other things, the video also features the 'clay pigeon shooting' of a platinum record, and the eating of sushi with chopsticks during a mountain climbing exhibition.

5) It is by a band called 3OH!3.

6) It is amazing.

7) Ethical/moral scruples withstanding, of course.

8) It's that 'I just set them up...' bit that does for me.

9) As well as the 'middle eight'. The middle eight is superb.

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