Thursday, 25 June 2009


Friends ... henceforth my attentions will be divided equally between The Hope and The Grain, a new site that myself and STONECOLDLEDGE Mr Grant Edgeworth have started with the intention of casting the net a bit wider, of sharpening things up a bit, getting even more pretentious while writing slightly shorter sentences, stuff like that.

One of the primary motivations behind the new project is to have a space for all our friends to CHAT SHIT aboot whatever they fancy, express themselves, be creative, flex intellectual muscles, and the like.

So contributions on literally any subject under the sun are utterly, utterly welcome. Please just hit me or the Edge up with ideas. Even if you're not a friend. But I will say that you have to be a good person, with impeccable taste, and at least tokenistically left-wing political beliefs (although, on second thoughts, having some right-wing contributors in the fold would be interesting. Actually, the more rabidly right-wing you are, the better, I'd say).

So there we go. Exciting times.

Oh, and here's the link ...


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